The KISO Story

Hi. I’m Melanie.  I’m a designer and working mom in NYC with a passion for minimalist design and smart solutions. I’ve created KISO sleeves for fashion and function: to simplify getting ready for a day that can throw anything at you!

KISO, pronounced /kee'-soh/, is a Japanese word meaning “foundation,” “basis” or “underlying principle.” 

I was inspired to create Kisos to solve a perpetual daily challenge: how to "pack" for a day that flashes hot and cold, works for the yogi, the road warrior and the stylista -- without hauling a small suitcase around? How to be prepared and look great while doing it?
As I discussed this with girlfriends and colleagues, I found I wasn't alone.  We were tired of the black cardigans on the backs of our chairs, the hoodies tied around the waist, and wadded pashminas. We wanted a versatile, easy and chic solution.

What if we had sleeves as comfortable as yoga wear? And what if they shaped lightly and made our arms feel great? What if they were as elegant as opera gloves for nighttime? Plus, they would be fashionable and stashable. That's what I accomplished with KISO.










KISOs are light, stretchy sleeves + a chic pouch. KISOs come in 2 styles (with or without thumbholes) and several colors and stripes. They sculpt and style arms of all sizes.  And the best part is that you take them out when you need them and roll them up into their pouch when you don't. They are not only my invention, but my new daily essential. (Really, I take them everywhere!)

I hope you try KISOs and love them as much as I do.  I'd love to hear what you think, see pix of how you use them, and any ideas to make them even better!

















































PHONE: 917-721-5177
INSTAGRAM: @kisowear