Product FAQ's

Q: How should I wear Kisos?

Kiso sleeves can be worn alone or as an under layer to just about any outfit. Worn on their own, they're great for workouts, warmups and cool-downs. They provide light shaping an UV protection as well as warmth and protection from the cold. They can also fancy-up and look great with nighttime sleeveless dressing

As perfect layering pieces, Kisos are especially great to keep on hand in the office, on airplanes, and in movie theaters. Under short sleeve-tees for the "tshirt-on-tshirt look" or under open-sleeved tops or jackets, Kisos add that extra little layer to keep you warm while adding a nice pop to your outfit

Q: Is there a top-bottom or inside-out to Kisos?

Kisos were designed to be worn with the rib cuff up at the top and the rolled edge at the bottom (by your wrist). That said, many people have worn them in the reverse: giving you a more "finished" cuff look and more openness at the upper arm. The choice is up to you.

There IS an inside-out and right-side in, however, and it's especially apparent in the striped styles. The rolled edge should be rolling UP towards you, not inward toward your arm. But, hey -- if inside-out doesn't bother you, go for it. :)

Q: Where should Kisos fall on my arms?

How to Wear KisosThe "top" is generally either just above or just below your elbow, but let them fall where they may!  You can play with length by scrunching them up or down, rolling them to shorten, or stretching them way over your fingers. It's a matter of comfort and the look you're going for.

Want to see ideas? Check out our Lookbook. No idea is wrong. In fact, we'd love to see YOUR ideas, so take pix and post to FB (KISO) and IG (@kisowear) and tag #howikiso!

Q: How snug should my Kisos be?

Kisos should fit like a pair of tights or leggings. And, like tights and leggings, you will find that they loosen a bit over wear, but a run through the wash snaps them back into shape.




Q: Do Kisos come in other sizes? 

Kisos are made in one size. They've been designed with tons of cross-stretch and wear-tested XXS through XL, with some room to spare.

That said, we get that fit is a very personal thing. We want you to LOVE the look and feel of your arms in Kisos. Try them and let us know if you don't. We’ll work with you and will consider additional sizing as needed.

Q: Are Kisos for sale in any retail stores?

For now, Kisos are available only through our site or The Melissa Alperin Studio (25 State St., Brooklyn, NY 718-243-2326), but plans are underway to expand into other channels. If you have a wholesale inquiry, just click on Contact Us or shoot an email to heykiso@kisowear.com.